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Optimizing Human Capital to Transform Organizations 
ARETÉ Programs
The RISE Program - Overview

The RISE program is designed to provide a focused, customized personal and professional experience for organizational leaders and aspiring leaders. The program emphasizes values-based leadership and team role theory for effective team building. With coaching and guidance, participants develop individual development plans (IDPs) that serve as the basis for identifying and addressing leadership competencies gaps, optimizing leadership strengths, managing team roles, and developing hidden team role strengths. The program not only focuses on individual development, but is an opportunity to engage work teams in effective team building. The RISE program emphasizes personal reflections, accountability, personalized coaching and consultations, as well as team facilitation in the 12-18-month development process.

Reflection on Leadership and Team Building

Description: This is an instructor-led interactive discussion of values-based leadership and team role theory. Prior to the class session, participants prepare by reading an overview of values-based leadership and taking the Belbin Team Roles Assessment. Participants are challenged to reflect on their own leadership behaviors and habits as well as the implications of the Belbin findings.

Individual Development Planning

Description: Participants are provided a template for individual development planning to serve as a guide for their development plan. Feedback from the Belbin and participants’ reflections on leadership competencies are used to identify opportunities to optimize leadership behaviors, identify any derailment behaviors, and examine their respective team roles as it pertains to their professional work teams.

Synthesis and Implementation of Individual Development Plan

Description: During this phase, participants share their draft individual development plan with their respective management team and colleagues to ensure commitment of resources and accountability for the components of the plan. This process ensures that the leadership behaviors identified in the plan are aligned and consistent with professional expectations. Once the plan is reviewed and modified as necessary, it is finalized. Monitoring progress toward plan goals is continuous.

Evaluation of Development Plan Progress and Identification of Next Steps

Description: This is the capstone event for the program. Final progress and achievements toward IDP plans are assessed. Participants will have their respective management teams provide feedback on the IDP progress. Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on the their impact on their work teams based on the goals set in the IDP particular emphasis on their responsibility/ contribution for the team’s success or challenges.